Artist of the Month

Lorenzo Baker

 Lorenzo Baker in his Los Angeles studio

Lorenzo Baker in his Los Angeles studio

This month Gallery 6/67 will open Lorenzo's solo exhibition: CELEBRATE. The show will feature his year long project titled, February, which poses the question, "What happens if the month of February never ends?" @bylorenzobaker

Lorenzo Baker is a Los Angeles based artist who's practices focuses on how language constructs our perceptions of the everyday object. By utilizing socio-political imagery, found objects, and artifacts from the internet, Lorenzo's work plays on the nuances of popular culture as a way to elevate, demobilize, or rearrange social hierarchies. Originally from Sacramento, CA Lorenzo has worked at The Crocker Art Museum as an Art Corps Fellow on the community outreach project Block by Block, which serviced over 25,000 Sacramento residents through arts engagement.

Throughout his career, Lorenzo has worked within the City of Sacramento City Council District 5 on community event advertisement and promotion for programs such as Summer Youth Leadership Camp, HP Roseville’s Tech Trek, and Summer at City Hall. Over the past year, Lorenzo has interned at ArtworxLA, and worked at The Los Angeles County Museum of Art as an Artist Assistant.

In 2017, he participated in UCLA’s Fall MFA Exhibition I AM ERICA as well as the group exhibition, No Longer Negotiable, at  Nous Tours Gallery and community art space.

In 2018 Lorenzo received his MFA from Otis College of Art and Design where he along with isabelle duvall co-curated an exhibition titled, Black Light. Black Light was an exploration into Afrofuturism, a distinct mode of representation that reimagines a multiplicity of future identities for black individuals and communities in order to critically engage with contemporary issues.

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